Moringa Leaf - is a plant often called the TREE of LIFE. 4 x more potassium than bananas, 9 X more iron than spinach, 4 X moore fiber than oats, 2 X more vitamin A than carrots, 14 X more calcium than milk. Good for premature aging, osteoporosis, anemia, anti-tumor, detoxification, antioxidants, anti-depressant.

Bladderwrack - is a type of brown seaweed good for thyroid health, rich in iodine, packed with vitamin k, digestive disorders, re-generate cells, blood cleansing, bronchitis, anxiety, boost immune system, increase energy.

Turmeric/Curcumin - is the principal curcuminoid in turmeric. Potent anti-inflammatory, treats neuropathy, Alzheimers, improves arthritis, reduce risks of brain disease, rich in antioxidants.

Ginger - powerful medicinal properties, treats many forms of nausea, especially morning sickness, helps with weight loss, can help with osteoarthritis, may drastically lower blood sugars and improve heart disease risks, helps treat chronic indigestion, reduce menstrual pain and more.

Hibiscus tea - packed with antioxidants, may help to lower blood pressure, helps to lower blood fat levels, improves liver health, promotes weight loss, contains compounds that prevent cancer, fights bacteria.

Maca Root - Increases libido, reduces erectile dysfunction, boosts energy and endurance, increases fertility, improves mood, reduces blood pressure, reduces sun damage, fights free radicals. Reduce menopause symptoms, improves learning and memory.

Coconut Milk - helps to lower LDL or bad cholesterol levels, helps with heart health, great source of healthy fats, helps in weight loss, contains small amounts of calcium and iron.

Matcha Green Tea - high in antioxidants, helps improve liver function, boosts brain function, may prevent cancer, may improve heart health, helps you lose weight, increases fat burning and more.